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I have just aquired an allotment and its rather over grown with couch grass and other weeds, (no brambles )

What would be the best thing to clear this with out a lot of digging as I have a few health issues but really want to have an alloment, are there any natural weed killers out there?


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    For couch grass you need some serious stuff and repeat applications till it gives up.   It will regrow from the teeniest scrap of root so don't be tempted to dig after one application.  Rake off the dead stuff and then wait for inevitable re-growth and spray again.

    An alternative may be just to make raised beds and line the bottom with weed proof membrane to stop it coming up in those and then just keep paths in between mowed.   Obviously you'd need deep raised beds if you're planning to grow potatoes or sweetcorn and anything else that needs depth.

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  • The only other thing you can do without digging or using sprays is to Cover with heavy black plastic for at least a year. You could do this on part of the plot if you don't need all the space straight away.

    By the way there is a weedkiller based on Pelargoic acids which come from plant roots but you need a lot of it compared to Glyphosate. Look up Neudorff products if you want to know more.

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