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Dahlia border

LoanaLoana Posts: 427


Hi all, this year I plan to dig a border especially for my dahlia collection, to really show them off. We live in Norfolk and the border will face south west. Last year my dahlia's took over my small general border, they were lovely but all jumbled up With other things.

My plan is to have the new border full of dahlia's which I plan to leave in the ground this winter and see how they fair. I would like to plant something in with them to give some interest in the border after the dahlia's have died back, what do you think, a few grasses? something structural and evergreen? I can plant up with spring bulbs for early interest. ???? Look forward to your ideas. 

The border will be an extension of the one surrounding the apple tree in the picture, behind the stag border. 


  • How about some Hellebores at the front and spring bullbs behind?

    You will need to mulch generously to keep the Dahlias fed and grasses would not like that. Hellebores enjoy rich living too and would give you early flowers and some evergreen foliage through winter. They could cope with some shade from the dahlia foliage too.

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  • LoanaLoana Posts: 427

    Excellent thankyou buttercupdays, I had no idea grasses wouldn't like the conditions, learn something every day ? what about daphne, they are evergreen and smell lovely? 

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