IBC Water Catchment Setup Complete

I've just finally finished setting up my IBC water tank storage setup, running guttering around my garage and shed feeding directly into a 1000l IBC tank, hopefully this should be enough to keep me going and avoid tap water as much as possible, here's the setup for anyone interested:


  • Nice! The only thing I would have done differently, is placing the IBC on at least two pallets. Otherwise it is hard to get the bucket or watering can under the tap. Or are you planing on using a submersible pump?

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  • It's sat on a pallet already and I did a bucket test and one fits under just about fine, I'll be getting a hose adaptor for the end but I do also have a 12v bilge pump lying around so might look to install that if it can give some decent pressure through some pipe, that might be a job for the weekend

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