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We are having to replace our fence and it looks like we will have to dig up the jasmine and Honey Suckle as this is wrapped up in the old fence. Also I think we may need to remove our Bay tree. What can I do about the wildlife that likes the bushes? The House Sparrows love them so I feel guilty about removing the bushes.

Once the new fence is in place what should I plant there instead of the Bay tree? 

The pond is a wildlife pond that had been increased and once the fence is up we will continue working on it by adding more stones and plants.


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  • ObelixxObelixx Vendée, Western FrancePosts: 28,564

    If you're taking out the fence it won't matter if your break it so I would pull it, slat by slat from the shrubs and climbers and then just cut whatever stems you can't free up.  Then lean the plants away while you erect new fence and put some tensioned wires between posts to re-attach the honeysuckle and jasmine.

    You can, in fact, cut honeysuckle back quite hard and it will re-grow so don't worry too much.  Just give it a good feed of slow release fertiliser and maybe an instant tonic of liquid tomato feed to get it going again.   

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  • Thank you for your reply Obelixx image

    i have started to sort and trim some of it back and felt guilty as the sparrows I’m sure were telling me off from the pear tree image

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