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Welcome to the gardens of the father of modern taxonomy

A year and a half ago, I went to Carl von Linnés two homes and gardens, in and just outside of Uppsala. Carl von Linné is called "father of modern taxonomy" because he brought order to the species of this planet some 300 years ago. Yet today, we use more or less the same system. In may I went to his summer home, the whole garden unfortunatly isn't preserved, but it's still beautyful.




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  • Why cant I post more than one picture? image

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    Keep trying Fire Lily , the post sounds like it's going to be interesting !

    What is that on the roof of the right-hand building in the picture ?

  • It's a turf roof, i will try to post the closeup.


  • Geranium pratense


  • Hieracium aurantiacum


  • Allium moly


  • Unfortunatly, I wasn't allowed to take pictures indoors, then I could have shown you the room where he had the walls wallpapered with a flora he recieved as a gift.

    But there are some amazing details preserved in the house, I live myself in an even older house, so most of my pictures from there is about building history. My house is not so well preserved and I want to do something about that.


  • In August, we went to his house and garden inside Uppsala. This was his primary teaching garden, even if he walked to his summer house together with his students. The walks were wellknown, people were shocked about how cheerfull he and his student were, they sang, played instuments and made a real rumble through the streets. Not exactly how you would imagine a professor of the time would behave. 


  • Sanguisorba officinalis


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