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Arrival of Frog Spawn 2018



  • NickG61NickG61 Posts: 21
    Jo - I have the same problem. My pond is two years old & has a healthy insect population. The past week I’ve seen frogs in the pond at night so was eagerly anticipating waking up to spawn one morning! Frustratingly this hasn’t happened & I think it may be because  the frogs are juveniles. Frogs don’t breed until they are 2-3 years old so i will just have to be patient. 
  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,527
    Hi, Jo and Nick. Can I suggest a jamjar full of frogspawn from a local pond, or someone local willing to donate. Anyone near me (junction 25 M1) can have a bucketful.
  • ZenjeffZenjeff Posts: 643
    First frog spawn in the pond this morning about 2 to 3 weeks earlier than last year, here in the north east.
  • SkandiSkandi Posts: 1,619
    My ponds are all still frozen, but there was a heron on one of them yesterday so I suspect the frogs are on the move again! Meant to be back down to -6 tomorrow so no chance of them getting into the ponds any time soon. I have never found spawn in our ponds, but we have millions of small frogs and toads every year so is must be there somewhere!
    I remember every year my mother would get some spawn from our pond and put it in a large icecream tub with a little sprig of oxygenating weed. Then once it had hatched and they had eaten the egg casings we would give them a little bit of liver or other meat on a bent paperclip. A month or so later the tiny frogletts would be put back into the pond.
  • daphnedeandaphnedean Posts: 1
    edited March 2018
    I'm new to the forum and live in Hertfordshire.  We've had frogs in our pond, up to 15 some years, since at least 1990.  This year, they haven't arrived and we're just hoping they are held back by the cold snap.
  • Fishy65Fishy65 Posts: 2,275
    Four large clumps of frogspawn and counted 19 frogs this morning!!  :p
  • micearguersmicearguers Posts: 605
    Yesterday one big clump of frogspawn arrived, and still some big-bellied ladies around. Just before I had repotted the waterlillies, and the water was still pretty painfully cold. A local friend had frogspawn weeks earlier. I wonder whether the relative greater depth of my pond has made it colder and thus postponed spawning.
  • FlinsterFlinster Posts: 883
    Daphnedean we are Herts too. Our neighbour passed some spawn to us over the fence only a day or so ago (his Koi were eating it!) and said yesterday they found another clump that morning, so still very much still spawning! I’m sure the weather has had a big impact, we’ve had some really cold nights. Fingers crossed for your frogs!
  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 33,707
    Mine in the pond has gone and no signs of any new  frog activity. :'(
  • plant pauperplant pauper Posts: 6,234
    I have masses of spawn in my pond this year. I've never noticed it before but that doesn't mean it wasn't there!  :o It's been there for a couple of weeks now but got badly frozen in the cold snap.  :'( Hopefully not too much damage was done and there was ribbiting going on on Saturday night when we had the bonfire going. I heard it but I think it may have been coming from the ditch rather than the pond. Two frogs were removed from near the fire too in case they leapt in!!! Both boys...apparently.  :/
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