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How to look after cactus?

Hello everyone! I have already bought a cactus, but I don't know how to look after it right way! Someone give me a advise! thanks a lot!imageimageimage


  • Do you have a greenhouse or do you live in a house/flat?  Are you in the UK or elsewhere?

    What sort of cactus have you got ... can you post a picture for us ... start with the camera icon ... if it doesn't upload try reducing the size. 

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  • When I lived in Spain my garden consisted of potted cacti mainly.And there I watered about once every fortnight from the bottom. But here I think you have to be more careful with watering. Use a cacti compost,with some grit,always water from below as they can easily rot, if it's an Aloe Vera,I never water mine,as it lives in the bathroom,best not to over water as they will take moisture from the air.Stand your pots on some gravel too.


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