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Retaining Moisture under a Bush

I have a bush near a South West facing wall and the bush being 1,8m high and 1.8m wide.

Last summer I had a problem with Mildew on the lower leaves. I was advised to keep the area from drying out under the bush.

Years ago, I used chipped bark in the borders but found when this dries it gets blown across the garden.

So what is advised to put under the bush to help retain moisture in the soil around.


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  • Just lay grasscuttings under the bush.

  • PosyPosy Posts: 3,601

    I think a good mulch might help. Do it when the soil is just right.

  • Hi all,
    i know this is an old post.

    I think the bush in question is near to a Viburnum Burwoodii.

    As said earlier, used chip bark around its base but these get blown about and the birds flick them in search for food. Tried and still do as the bush is alongside the front lawn I spread the cuttings to keep the area moist. And last year I also spread some Chicken manure pellets too to give it some nutrients.

    It really never recovered from suffering from Mildew despite being treated and doing the above since.

    But still the leaves are dropping showing bare lower branches.

    I think it has either some pest or disease albeit its some 20 years old and been ok till the recent dry winters and summers etc.

    Think it may be time for its removal.
    South Monmouthshire stuck in the middle between George and the Dragon
  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,653
    Try just cutting out those lower branches that are bare then, assuming the soil is good and damp, give it a mulch of spent potting compost or well-rotted garden compost mixed with pelleted chicken manure or else a mulch of well rotted manure.  This should help seal in moisture for the roots, feed the plant and allow better air circulation which will all help against mildew.  Do make sure you check and see the soil is moist before doing all this.

    In our last garden we used chipped bark but, as it was windy, we chose the largest grade of chunks available.   The birds find this harder to toss about and so does the wind.
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