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Hostafan mentioned on another thread that he's planning a cut flower patch this year. I had a bit of a half hearted attempt at this last year and was thinking of trying a bit harder this year.

Last year I had some dahlias 'arabian nights', some antirrhinum, rudbeckia and sweet peas with euphorbia oblongata for greenery. I also had larkspur that I don't think I'll bother with this year. I was thinking of adding cosmos and sunflowers - what else would you suggest? Either perennial or annuals?

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    Rudebekias make good cut flowers, some have nice long stems and have such fab colours

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     Ammi, Scabiosa, sunflower vanilla ice, cornflowers, anemone coronaria, Calendula snow princess, salvia viridis pink and blue, cosmos, Antirrhinum and dahlias.

    I started my first cutting patch last year and it was great fun. One thing I will be doing dif this year is planting much closer together. I planted at recommended spacing and although it looked ok it lacked the wow factor I was hoping for. Cornflowers I have since learned like to be planted very closely together. I will probably double the amount of planting this time, but give the dahlias the recommended spacing.

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    Another vote for salvia viridis from me, easy to grow with masses of colourful stems that last for ages. I bought a seed mix that had pink/purple and white in it.  Zinnias have good long, straight stems for arrangements.  

    Have bought a couple of bare root echinops to try out this year.

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    We had great success from cosmos, cornflowers and Calendulas (I can't remember the type) which kept giving the more we cut so would definitely recommend those.

    We also had some fennel that added some green interest to displays, but I grew that in its own herb bed rather than in the flower patch.

  • I can completely receomend a cut flower bed, there is nothing better!

    First year gardening last year and I did

    dahlias, clary sage, rudbekia, nigella, sweet peas, cornflowers, cosmos, ammi majus, anenomes, cerinthe, gaura all in a dedicated bed

    some I wont be doing again this year: clarkia, zinnias, didiscus.

    I also pinched some flowers from the borders such as scabious, lavender, roses, spirea, hydrangea

    Its nice to have flowers of different shapes and lengths of stems for interesting combos..

    I had literally buckets of flowers daily! I had too many for myself but anyone visiting went away with flowers it was so lovely!

    Ill try and upload some pics in a bit

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    Busy Lizzie does very good vases of cut flowers so I suggest you have a chat with her RG and see what she grows.

    You could also have a peek at Sarah Raven's website and see what she recommends but her seeds tend to be expensive so hide your credit card!

    The Vendée, France
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    I love this idea. I did a selection of Cosmos, Cornflowers and a Wildflower mix last year but they were fairly dessimated by slugs! It was just an experiment, with free seed packets, to underplant a corner I have filled with Aliums. I will try again this year - so any tips for slug-protection or slug-resistant plants please share (I won't use slug pellets as have loads of wildlife plus cats).

    My garden and I live in South Wales. 
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    Try Nematodes or sow your seeds in pots, prick out and grow on until you have a strong healthy plant able to withstand slug attacks before you plant in garden. 

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    Lovely flower displays newgardeningirl. I’m feeling inspired to try harder this year.

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    Lovelly, I started a whole bed for cut flowers a few years back, started out with roses, mostly scented, some sun flowers,cosmos peren sweet peas, last year, dahlias, dianthus, nicotianas, and nigelas which self seed.  sowed my sweet peas in autumn and will be adding them this year, instead of growing in a tub as usual.

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    Coo, I'm liking this thread. 

    I've not got to the " what shall I plant?" stage yet so I'm loving all these lists. 

    I've got agapanthus I'm bulking up too so some of them will go into the " cutting " garden. 

    What about  stocks for scent? Which are the best?

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    I think the best stocks are Brompton stocks, overwinter in the poytunnel for early spring flowering.

    Don't forget gladioli. Grown in a row in the veg patch or cutting garden. Bulbs available now. I bought some Priscilla today from Lidl, along with some agapanthus.  £5 for five bags. Agapanthus are single, but 15 corms in a bag of gladioli.

    Another good one is Amaranthus hypochondriacus. Nice purply red  leaves and a good furry spike of flowers.

    Dahlias are good. Whilst singles are best for bees, I find that doubles last longer in vase.  For a show stopper, try Cafe au lait. One bloom fills a vase.

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    Ooo , I’ve just ordered Dahlia cafe au Lait, it looks gorgeous and the variations in colour unusual. I’ve not tried stocks but another one to add to the “ I must try this” list.

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    My dahlias got a bit mixed up last year so they're all going into the cutting garden until I can sort them out when they flower. 

    I've got lots of very dark, nuit d' été, chat noir, Arabain Night, Soulman, etc along with a FAB  unknown  orange from Lyn which looks great with the dark flowers.

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    Obelixx said "Busy Lizzie does very good vases of cut flowers so I suggest you have a chat with her RG and see what she grows."  - Thank you, Obelixx image

    Cornflowers, pot marigolds, clarkia, ammi, sweet peas, cosmos, zinnias, antirrhinums, dill, Love in a Mist, annual rudbeckias. But the dahlias I pick from the garden. I have been sowing flower seeds in a patch in the veg garden for a few years now and I also plant out some annuals there that I have grown in the greenhouse for the pots and flowerbeds, if I have some left over.

    There was a thread somewhere called Jam Far Flowers, I'll see if I can find it.

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    Different flowers for different times of year. The cafe au lait is the dahlia on its own between the centre and right hand copper jugs, on the third photo.

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    It's not a mess, it's a nature reserve.
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    Some lovely flower displays here image

    I'm making lists, got the Chiltern Seeds catalogue out (I browse the Sarah Raven one, Ob, - as you say, a bit pricey but lovely pictures)  image

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    The Hellebores are particularly beautiful,  do you have the names for them?

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