Harvest 2018

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Forgive me if someone has started this already but I could not find a new one.

I am being a little indulgent here as I expect many of you are also doing I am still cropping Sprouts Kale Parsnips etc but of course these were all grown last year.

This is my first "crop" sown & grown entirely this year, bit of a cheat I know but having tried microgreens before with mixed results I think I have now hit on a reliable method. These trays were seeded then put in a cardboard box on top of one of our kitchen units, & inspected daily. I brought them into the light yesterday & today. The gaps in the trays is where I have already cut some for today's lunchtime sandwich.


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    I still have 5 troughs of salad stuff in my GH ( unheated) - rocket, mustard, various lettuce and spicy stuff.  

    I am still able to pick enough to make up a salad ( including my radichio outside ) every few days - admittedly as time goes on the salads gets smaller but I've been very pleased with myself considering the time of year.

    Bragging over image

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    I think it's ok to brag on the  'harvest' thread ... isn't that what it's for? 

    I mean, you can hardly say 'look at my pathetic tomatoes' can you ......well, not if they're not pathetic image

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    So far this new year we've eaten beetroot, Swiss chard and Savoy cabbage planted last year and still growing as well as pumpkins harvested last autumn.

    There were signs of life in the garlic and red onions planted in November earlier in January but it's been so wet I haven't been down to check for a couple of weeks.   Hoping the cavolo nero and flower sprouts have survived and thrived as they were a bit small when they went in last October - late cos of the drought.

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    So here we are in  mid June already had first digging of new potatoes -Swift, not the most fantastic flavour but as the name says quick < 10 weeks since planted along with broad beans (3 weeks of picking here) & last of asparagus- Life does not get much better but then I am but a simple soul.
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  • LynLyn DevonPosts: 12,871
    Strawberries and rhubarb finished. 
    Firestorm and Moonlight nicely flowering and climbing. 
    Tomatoes still green but growing well. Particularly pleased with the Orange Rapture that were grown just from seeds from a bought one. 
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  • ShepsSheps Posts: 818
    Just New Potatoes for me so far  :)

    Maris Peer, which tasted amazing.

    and some Nicola I dug up this morning, which I am just about to cook.

  • Allotment BoyAllotment Boy North London Posts: 1,789
    My Nicola are just in flower so not ready yet but then it was a late start for me as the ground was like glue until mid April.
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    Hi AB...all my spuds were planted on the 6th April in tubs, so in a perfect world they should have another 5 weeks to go until ready, but seeing as though Early Blight got to them I keep having a quick look to see how they are doing as I don't really want to waste any.
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    It seems to be a good year for blackcurrants. My bush is keeling over with them, but everyone I try to give some to say they've got masses too. Going to be a jam making weekend.  Broad beans and peas ready now, lettuce and spring onions too. Strawberries almost finished but first raspberries are ready.
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