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image Hi to everyone.

Just wondering I sown sweet peas in the autumn they came up  but they flopped over I think they grew to the top of the plastic lid & then flopped. I have them in root trainers with a plastic lid inside a mini grow house, I was just wondering is this was normal & how can I sort this out ? 

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  • Are they thin & pale? It's probably a lack of light which is always a problem in winter. Try pinching out the tops keeping them somewhere a bit cooler( but not too cold) and in as good a light as you can get. They should produce more stocky side shoots.

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  • Hello

    No they are pale or yellow, should take off the propagator lid off as they are in upright cold frame? How often should I water?

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  • If they are protected in a cold frame then yes take the propagator lid off, get them as much light as you can. As the days get milder if their is a sunny spot in your garden them move them out during the day if you can.

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    I have been buying sweet peas seeds for several years from Roger Parsons, who is a champion grower, he says dont pinch out, because they start growing when it is cold, you want them as strong as possible, and grow them outside, grow em keen and mean. I did sow them in the greenhouse, unheated as soon as they were through, they were put outside under my potting bench, just so they dont get too wet.They have only been watered once.  As Ian says take the lid off, you want them really hardy, for planting out.

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