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Summer bulbs

do I need to cover my lil  bulbs in sand when I’m planting them ( no I haven’t already done it) or lay them on a bed of grit then back fill them ? the Info I’ve looked at isn’t very clear and the more I look the confusing it’s becoming 


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    what bulbs are you planting Dave? I chuck a handful of sharp sand in the hole and put the bulb on top, sometimes pending on what I am planting I chuck another handful on top of the bulb. If you have heavy / clay soil I work some compost into the soil first.

  • Thanks perki, they are Lilium Regale and star gazer, my soil is heavy so I’ll use sharpe sand instead of grit. Thank you for your help ! Much appreciated

  • PerkiPerki Posts: 2,420

    Use both sand and grit Dave , Dig plenty of sand / grit / compost into your soil Lilys require very good drainage during the winter months are they will rot. Sit them on a shallow bed of sharp sand not more than a inch, push the bulb into the sand and give it a gentle twist  and chuck some more sand on top,  it is more important whats under the bulb than above. keep a eye out for slugs nibbling the shoots off when they first emerge.

    I have both these lily's but grow them in pots, after they have finished flowering I leave them round the back of the shed out of the way.  I have some in plastic pots as well which I sink into the ground where I want them to flower that year. 

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  • Thank you once again , so both it is  ! I like The pot idea too ! I may give that a go as well and see what does best over the next few years, Cheers

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