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Condensation on propagator lid?

I have just plated my seeds into a heated propagator with a lid. Condensation forms on the lid. (I over watered) I keep wiping away the condensation, but it keeps coming back. What can I do to keep the condensation away? Should I open the vents? 


  • raisingirlraisingirl Posts: 6,657

    Yes. Especially on a day like tomorrow when the ambient air is very cold so it will be dry (low humidity). That will help to disperse the water vapour. Then close or partially close the vents again when the excess water has evaporated to stop the soil drying out too rapidly. Ideally you want to try to maintain reasonably good air circulation all the time to reduce the risk of fungus, mould and 'damping off'.

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    Thank you for the info. My propagator is large. About 40x60 cm and about 24 cm tall. I am trying to propagate palm seed for my collection/garden. When I am in the room and the el. radiator is on, with outside temps around 15C to 18C then it can get to 30C sometimes even 31C inside the propagator, but at night when I leave the room and the propagator heat is on MAX, it goes to 28C or so. Now it won't make to 30C and stays at 28C even with me in the room, but no room heat as outdoors is over 19C. So I covered it with multifolded blanket, on top only, not sides and it went to 31-32C within minutes. Is it safe to keep the propagator covered on top with a blanket? It seems to help a lot to keep the warmth inside. I never open the vents to let the humidity accumulation out, but I remove the entire lid on a daily basis quickly to spill the water out of the lid, then close it within seconds. The lid inside is always with condensation. I don't see a way to keep the condensation completely out, as then it would mean the propagating medium (in my case potting soil and vermiculite) will be completely dry. If the medium even a bit moist there will always, I assume, naturally, be the condensation on the lid. Right?
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