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Willow and bamboo climber support structure

This will run along the one long and the  back side of my shed and will hold honeysuckle.

three bamboo canes evenly spaced down the long side, two down the short.   

Two straight willow whips twisting round each cane.

Between each of these a twisted willow. 

Any shoots to be twisted round this structure with cuttings being used to bulk out the base. I am loathe to order 50 willow cuttings to start this because of how fast they grow, and I’m thinking it would be better to start off with a few and add more when needed. 

Good idea or bad idea?


  • Lizzie27Lizzie27 Posts: 11,676

    I don't want to cast cold water on the honeysuckle/willow idea, but how are you going to paint the shed once it's all grown?   Also willow is fine in the right place if you've masses of space but if you've got any clay soil, they'll absolutely love it and grow so fast and tall, you'll be forever having to prune it in and around the honeysuckle.  To be honest, I've never heard about or seen such a structure over a shed.

    Surely it would be simpler like most people do to just screw trellis to the shed to plant your honeysuckle on and then keep it well pruned.  That way, it shouldn't get too big and overgrown.  Also,  if you intend to paint the shed regularly, you could hinge the trellis on one side and swing the lot out of the way while you paint.

    North East Somerset - Clay soil over limestone
  • It will be next to the shed about 2-3ft  back to act as a screen and it will be allowed to grow only 1.5m high as well, I’m not concerned about the pruning at that height, up and over the shed would be a bit much though   image 

    my main concern is that the willow won’t take the weight of the honeysuckle. 

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