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I have 4 plain white tall tapered pots about 80cm high and 30cm square at the top, tapered down to about 20 cm at the bottom. I was wondering what to put in them in the summer. They are on my patio and are in full sun. I also have similar black ones which also go on the patio. Any suggestions please.


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700

    wrightt, your pots sound unusual. I don't understand the measurements to be honest. Maybe post a photo of them. They don't sound safe to be left outdoors. What are they made from. They sound unstable at that height and width. Might be best to use them to hold cut stems from your garden. It's amazing how stems can look when cut and stacked together. Very often, it brings out the fine details of branches.

  • I have something similar - Lidl were doing them last year - two made of fibre and resin I think, the Lidl ones most probably some kind of plastic..  First, important to ensure there are drainage holes - I made them a few centimetres up from the bottom to prevent them filling with water.  Then make sure they have a filling more substantial than multi-purpose compost which dries out too quickly.

    I have a camellia in one and it does very well.  I have a pair which have alstroemeria in, and they seem to be doing well too, and the colours are stunning.  I think you can put whatever you want in providing you watch the watering as they can dry out quickly in full sun, and you may need to bubble-wrap then or pop them in the GH in winter if you hav something more delicate in them.

    Good luck.

  • Kitty 2Kitty 2 Posts: 5,150

    I got a couple of similar sounding pots for the patio last year. Plastic ones from a cheap shop, not Lidl...B&M I think ?

    Like granny I drilled plenty of drainage holes in the bottom, and then I put an old brick in the bottom to give it weight.  Filled mine with a mix of MPC and garden soil.  Planted trailing fuschias and lobelia to hang down over the sides. 

    Fuschias wouldn't like the full sun though.  Maybe a trailing begonia would work in yours.

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  • hogweedhogweed Posts: 4,053

    Definitely a half or whole brick in the bottom to add stability. You could do a permanent planting of a cordyline or grasses, even box or lavender balls on a stem. I would certainly plant something with a bit of height to balance the height of the pot.

    White is a difficult colour for a pot. I would paint them a darker colour, or a brighter colour if you so wish. . 

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    I would suggest something that weeps and trails down over the pot instead of extra height though, as wind resistance could become a problem. One of the grasses perhaps, something which could cope with extreme heat. One of the grasses with reddish/bronze strands would look good. I agree with the others that bricks would add stability and also you would not then need so much compost inside. John Innes No.3 compost would probably be better and if the pots are metal, then insulating with bubble wrap on the inside helps with both cold and heat.

    It would look spectacular if both your white and black pots had the same plant in them.

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  • wrighttwrightt Posts: 234

    Thanks for all your suggestions they do have holes in the bottom and are made of fibre glass. I have already planted up two of the white ones with bay trees with a couple of bricks at the sit outside my front door. They have only fallen over  a couple of times when we had very high winds so I think I will be ok with that side of things its the face that these others are on my patio out the back in full sun is my most concern. I will add composted bark, and put water crystals in the pots when I do plant them and I think will put bubble wrap inside as well.

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