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Help .my bush seems to be dying .


 Im a new member to the forum who’s in dyer need of Help.imageimageI have a privet hedge around my property that is around 8 to 9 ft in height , towards winter 2017 I noticed the bush started to look lighter at a certain section over the past several months it started to loose its leaves and its ended up like this so far . I’m ansoloutly gutted . Does the hedge look dead or could it come back ? 

Ps just ignore the 2 tone grass haha



  • Fran IOMFran IOM Posts: 1,946

    That is exactly what mine looked like this time last year and I do have a lot of hedge. It looked as though it was completely dead in parts and almost as though it had been burnt. The hedge either side was perfect. By summer it was completely green again and you wouldn't have known it had looked so dead previously. Had thought I was going to have to replace it. Do hope yours recovers the same as mine but I wouldn't worry too much at the moment. 

  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 79,405

    Privet is thought of as evergreen but it's more of a semi-evergreen in practice and from time to time it will respond to winter by dropping it's leaves.

    Look after the hedge ... clear out any weeds etc from the base once spring has arrived and any hibernating hedgehogs etc are awake, and then give it a feed of Fish, Blood & Bone..


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  • Thanks for the response , I’ve been really panicking about it as i Love it , it’s a full day job l8ke cutting and tending to her but really worthwhile. 

    i put a bag of manure on that section that looks bad a month or so ago to try and give it abit of nutrients .

     Fingers crossed and thanks again . 

  • RockhopperRockhopper Posts: 25
    Hi Guys , jJust a quick update regarding my beloved Hedge :) 
     Well it’s grew back thankfully , panicky stations now over . 
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  • RockhopperRockhopper Posts: 25
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    Abit of praying .
     No all i did was put a bag of manure around the base of it , Just a pre bagged B&Q special so probably not the best , with plenty water and hoped it would come back . To be honest though I don’t think this is what saved it I reckon it would of just grown back itself. Unless I’m wrong and that is exactly what saved it . Thinking about it I did give it its last cut quite late on last season so wonder if this is why it reacted the way it did . 
    Thanks anyway . 
  • JellyfireJellyfire SuffolkPosts: 1,139
    excellent, and thanks for the update, always handy for people to know how something worked out!
  • RockhopperRockhopper Posts: 25
    Yes , hopefully it will save someone worrying in the future if there bush starts to die back. 
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