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Bizarrely my wall flowers that I grew from seed have flowered all through the winter, does anyone know if they will flower in the summer as well ?


  • CeresCeres Posts: 2,271

    They are normally spring flowering plants but some varieties will flower earlier in the winter too. They will probably put on an extra show come the warmer weather.

    This has been a weird winter for flowers and some of my mini erysimums have flowered early, and I also have nepeta flowering in spite of snow and frost.

  • While people are talking wall flowers any typo on pruning an everlasting one - erysimum bowles Maude?

  • Thanks ceres, it's nice to have the colour through winter.

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  • B3B3 Posts: 25,172

    Same has happened to mine, they've flowered all through the winter. I've done what hh has suggested and will hoik them out when they stop flowering. They've been a muddy child's paint pot colour so , frankly, I'll be happy to get rid when more interesting stuff emerges. 

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  • Logan4Logan4 Posts: 2,585

    Some of my wallflowers have flowered a bit, but they've stopped now.

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