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Camellia leaves yellow.

Hi all, I have a camelia in my garden that has a lot of yellow leaves, I have read that it my just need feeding . When would be a good time to feed , now or shall I wait until spring?

Thanks Kevin.


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    Kevin148, there are pale yellow/dull leaves and there some leaves that are completely yellow or have sudden yellow areas on the leaf. The latter tends to be aged leaves ready to drop off and not too concerning, especially if you have a very mature shrub and have only started seeing this on and off.

    If you have pale looking leaves, then feed in spring time or when the weather gets milder. You can carry on feeding right up to early summer. Loads of products in the garden centres for acid loving plants.

  • Thank you for the reply Borderline, most of the leaves are healthy green , so hopefully they are just old leaves. I have only been living in this house since last May and from memory the flowers did seem to turn brown and fall off very quickly, so this year I shall keep up the feeding. 

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    Kevin148, there are many types of Camellias, and some flower for brief periods and the petals just drop off quickly, whilst others are practically glued to the shrub for months after flowering. So it depends on the variety.

    When you say turning brown and fall off, I'm hoping it is not before it's opened. Buds failing to open could be due to excess wet weather which has sealed the bud closed and the bud begins to rot and cannot open or very stressed, they fail to open and just drop off. Sometimes, in rare cases, if they are in an east facing aspect, the sudden change in temperatures can cause buds to get damaged before opening.

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