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pruning fuschias

I have several fuschias in pots, I've overwintered them in a shed (with a window).  I was expecting to cut them back in March, but yesterday I noticed they were already budding.  The are all rather overgrown and straggly, should I cut them back now or let them continue growing?


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    If you are over wintering inside, you can put them back now. Usually, it's better to leave later, but this is mainly based on winters being very cold. Old growth helps to shelter the base. If yours are quite safely under cover, it shouldn't be an issue to cut back now.

  • oh thank you, so it won't matter that I'm cutting into something that the sap has started to rise in then, that's what I was worried about.  Presumably they'd be better off outside as well if they are growing - to give them more light, or should I leave them in the shed until early Spring?

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    It all depends on how hardy they are and where you are based. Some Fuchsias are not very hardy even though sold as hardy sometimes. Also, if you have kept them in a warm environment, they will need gradual acclimatisation. If you are unsure, keep it where it is but keep it cool too. Very risky in February time. I would advise against it for now. 

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