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Pruning apple trees help !


Good afternoon ! Just wondered if you could help, my 2 apple trees are in need of some serious pruning - they are around 2-3 years old now and 2 varieties of dwarf apple which cross pollinate each other. As its winter time they're due a good trim but im not sure which branches to go for...

so, could you please download the image and then in paint or photoshop just select the branches for me to lop off as im pretty new to this and im a bit out of my depth. I also have a plum and a pear tree but its a bit early for pruning isnt it ? To make it a bit easier i've highlighted the branches with a blue paintbrush as its a bit difficult to see it against the hedge in the background.

Please help ! I plan on giving them a douse of winter tree wash in the next week or two also.


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  • image

    Heres the other tree

  • treehugger80treehugger80 Posts: 1,923

    first the plum needs pruning after flowering.

    First remove anything obviously dead or dying or diseased (look for peeling bark - give away sign)

    Then remove anything that's rubbing together - removing the most damaged branches

    What you have left you need to reduce in size, look down the branch from the tip, you will find a knobbly bit which runs around the full branch, this is where the end of the branch was this time last year.

    you need to count outwards from that point three or four buds and snip the end off. - this is actually best done on apple and pears in late August as it can cause more fruits the following year.

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