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Dahlia novice

30th January 2018

Being a novice gardener and wanting to experience growing Dahlias I've just received 4 tubers from a well known supplier.

Can anyone in the forum advise me on what I should do next ?

The process on how to store and when to plant them. 

Pot them up.

Plant them straight into my borders.

Many thanks


  • Stick them somewhere cool and dark until after the last frost.  Cold weather will flat out murder your Dahlia tubers to death. When you are absolutely sure the risk of frost is over you can plant them in pots or the ground image

  • Thank you for your valuable advise, would the tubers need to be covered or left unpacked?

    Many thanks

  • You can just stick them in a bag and forget about them. In a few months you will thank you for buying them now because there will be none to be found in the shops. 

  • AndyDeanAndyDean Posts: 157

    I've only been growing them for a couple of years now, but found them so easy! They're wonderful as well, I absolutely love them.

    Don't plant them out until any risk of frost has passed. You can pot them up in a greenhouse in early spring if you like to give them a head start, before planting them out later in the year.

    They're really easy to propagate from cuttings too. When the plant is growing well with stems a good few inches long, just snip off a few healthy stems at the base, remove the lower leaves and stick them in some compost to root. They should flower the same year.

    Pinching out the tips delays flowering a bit, but promotes side shoot production leading to more flowers in the long run. I've had good success using the pinched off bits as cuttings too!

    They are pretty hungry, so give them plenty of well-rotted organic matter wherever you plant them, and full sun.


  • Thankyou to all members of the forum for your valuable advise.


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