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I am wondering if isn't too early to start taking cuttings from regal pelargoniums and then ordinary pelargoniums I can't wait to start.


  • I take cuttings all winter long for a few reasons. Pelargonium seeds are costly, I have to keep the cuttings I started with in the fall from hitting the light hoods on my plant rack, and I need to make sure I have enough Pelargoniums for my regular customers in the spring. These plants are so tough and forgiving, my favourite cuttings to work with.

  • thanks for that I will start straight away my over wintered plants have grown so much they are top heavy, do you stop yours regularly? I don't have light hoods but the days are getting longer I will manage without extra light.

  • I take cutting depending on how fast they are growing. Under my lights I usually cut back the plants a couple times over the winter and again in March right when they go out to my green house. Once out there the plants really take off. Of course here in Calgary Canada I don't plant them out until the last week of May.

    I just did a trim back last week and I try and take a stem of at least 6 inches. I also stopped rooting in soil and now root all the stems in water. I find I may only have one or two that won't root for me this way. When I did the root hormone and soil, I could have up to half of the stems rot on me.


  • Thanks again I didn't know they would root in ordinary water!  The plants look really healthy in the photos. I will start taking the cuttings and also stand some in water the way you do! 

    How long is it before they start showing roots? I will tell you how I get on. It is still really cold here in the UK.

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