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Yellowing leaves on my blue gem hebe

Hi, just joined this group.  I bought 2 blue gem hebes this summer and although they didn't flower, they seemed to be doing fine.  Through the fall, the leaves have been turning yellow.  Any ideas why?  We live in the northwest so get lots of rain in the fall/winter but I thought these plants were hardy and would do okay.


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700

    Sandysteward, not sure where Northwest is, but i'm assuming it's somewhere in the US. In the UK, Hebes do quite well. They prefer more free draining soil, so if your shrubs are quite small, make sure it is planted in a lot of gritty soil but they also need good watering in the first few years, especially in the hotter months. Yellowing leaves could also indicate lack of feeding or water logging. Check for the two first. A few yellow leaves will not affect the shrub on the whole, but if you see it spreading, you ought to check the soil and feeding, it's mostly one of the two that is causing this.

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