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Soil conditioning

18 months ago we had our garden 'done' and one of the things that was added was a compost soil conditioner that the contractor got from his supplier.

My question is, can to much soil conditioner be put onto a garden. The depth averages around 4", in some places up to six. When I asked about digging it in, I was told there was no need too.

I feel that this is the reason, much of what we planted this year has failed to grow fully, as it was being planted in nothing but compost. Is this the case?????


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    Do you mean a load of compost was added onto your original soil? If so, it all dedends on your original soil. If you have very compacted and heavy soil, this will not be ideal as it may just cause a sump situation of water sitting to the original layer and failing to drain away.

    General advice would be to mix and work in compost into the original soil. After that, you can add further top layers of compost or similar. Everyone has different ways of working their soil and I guess it all depends on what types of plants you will be growing into your soil.

    Long term plants like shrubs and trees tend to get less disturbed around their base, so mulching and usage of bark mulch is more popular. Areas where you are constantly planting and dividing and re-planting, you may work the soil more and therefore add further compost throughout the year.

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