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How to top up soil in a pot with strawberry plants

I potted out my strawberry plants last year and didnt harvest them as you should.But now the soil line on them has reeceded significantly with a big gap between the surface of soil and top of the plant. Did this happen because i didnt put grit into the potting mix. What should i do now? Should i also remove the dead leaves?




  • Yes remove dead leaves, what has happened to your compost is it has shrunk with time all containers do this just apply some new compost and fork it in , me personally while you are doing that add some blood and fish bone, and don't forget a little straw to keep the berry's clean and dry. 

  • Just fill up the space with cut grass, it keeps the moisture in and slowly releases nutrients to the soil.

    I don't remove dead leaves, I let them compost where they are. 

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