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Replacing a Jasmine

Good morning, we have a small semi circular plot of garden outside our back window.  For the last few years we have tried to grow a jasmine at the back of the plot growing up a granite wall.

We now want to replace it with something that will give us flowers and colour during the summer months.  The jasmine hasn't been a success and produces very little in the way of flowers.

We intend to plant lupins and other country cottage type flowers in plot so whatever we choose would need to complement those.

Any recommendations would be most appreciated.

Kind regards, Dianne


  • First of all, Dianne47, can you tell us something about the conditions there? The fact that your jasmine isn't flowering makes me wonder whether the spot is shady, which makes a difference about what we can recommend. 

  • Thanks for the response! If your wall is shady but west-facing, it does place limitations on how much flower you can get. If a jasmine won't flower it is probably not going to be a good spot for a rose, and your chances of getting flower over a long period are limited. It would be worth trying a Clematis, and one very elegant one is Clematis armandii 'Apple Blossom' which flowers in spring. Alternatively you could try one of the recent long-flowering ones like 'Rhapsody' but the risk is they will keep growing until they reach the sun and flower there--usually miles above your head! 

    Another thing I would think of in your position would be Hydrangea petiolaris. There is a new variety, 'Silver Lining' which has variegated leaves and would add interest as a backdrop to your other flowers.

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     If you have a strong and stable wall, I think both Pileostegia Viburnoides and Holboellia Lactifolia are great for a shady wall.

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  • Hi there, thanks for your advice.  i decided to get a couple of David Austin roses called the Pilgrim which grow in the shade. - hopefully.

    Can you anyone recommend what else to put in the area.  I want it to be cottagey so I'm thinking lupins and delphiniums although they are a bit tall.

    Can any of you suggest any other flowers that might be suitable.  it's not a large area and the 2 climbing yellow roses would be the backdrop.

    Many thanks, Dianne


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