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Yellowing leaves

imageimageHi, does anyone know why the yellowing on the leaves is happening?




  • Paul B3Paul B3 Posts: 3,120

    Probably a combination of low atmospheric humidity and coolness .

    Anthuriums are tropical plants requiring high humidity and warmth , but not with the roots (in a pot) too wet !

    Imagine a large semi-shaded greenhouse on a summers day following a heavy watering of internal plants ; the humidity is overpowering ! Ideal for Anthuriums , as they require a minimum temperature of around 21C throughout the year .

  • Mine is lucky if it gets 21 in high summer, let alone  now in the middle of winter, and I often forget to water it, but it is perfectly healthy, so I think they may be more tolerant than that. They do respond well to feeding though.image

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