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Lovely Mulberry Tree Morus Nigra Delivered

I have just took delivery of the Mulberry tree I managed to source from a local garden centre which was very reasonably priced (£80) compared to other trees I've seen online of the same height.(£150+)  The Mulberry is a Morus Nigra and s a few years old and is already over 200cm tall, the mulberry has already been topped from the main branch which should allow me to train the mulberry in to an espalier trellis to try and keep the height of the mulberry tree manageable.  I plan on planting the mulberry tree in a full size whiskey barrel as I do not have the space to plant such a potentially large tree. Another reason of planting the mulberry in a full size whiskey barrel is that if I move property in the future I can take it with me.  Here's a video of the tree for anyone interested


  • Mulberries are such beautiful trees anyway. They should be grown just for that. The only thing I do remember is that you can't position them overhanging paving because the berries (at least the black ones) stain it terribly. I once saw a very old one in a village garden, and they do stay quite modestly sized.

  • My knowkledge of them is very limited. What I do remember, is that as a child I visited Rudyard Kipling's home 'Batemans' in Sussex, where there was a lovely, old mulberry dropping fruit all over the flags. My grandmother, never backward at coming forward!, asked if we could pick some fruit and they agreed, so we feasted later on Kipling's mulberriesimage

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