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Help with choosing low maintenance hedging plants

Hi Guys, I’m new to the forum and a complete beginner when it comes to gardening!

we have recently moved into a new build property and our adjoining neighbours have erected a huge trampoline which is quite invasive. To combat this, we are looking at hedging plants but would like some which is low maintenance if there is such a thing. The area to cover is about 14m in width and about 2.5/3m in height. I don’t mind if I have to prune the height but if there is something that doesn’t grow too wide would be ideal. I’ve been looking at Japanese bamboo but can’t find too many uk suppliers and not sure if they will be fit for purpose!? Hopefully that makes sense, many thank in advance! 


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    neil.blackstone7, to help others recommend shrubs, please find out more about the soil conditions. If you are planting in pot grown plants, you will need to make sure the planting holes are well dugged over and plenty of compost/manure mixed in. With bare rooted or similar shrubs, you will still need to dig the soil, but it's important to know the soil conditions, so the shrub settles and grows well.

    I would advise you against planting Bamboo, if you are not too keen a gardener. They can spread sideways into areas you normally don't want them to grow.

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  • Many thanks for the reply’s. I’m quite concerned about the hedging being too invasive to our neighbours (in terms of growing over our fence and therefore they need to trim and maintain from their side). So I was wondering if there was any hedging that would fit the bill for this?This is why I originally thought a bamboo plant maybe better as it appears to only grow upwards, but obviously after your advice I have reconsidered this. 

    Thanks again!

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    It is unfortunate that hedging grows out as well as up! And it will take a good few years for any type of hedging to grow to the height you require. By which time you have given yourself a lot of work and by then the trampoline might have been discarded! Have you thought about planting one or two trees instead? You can buy them pot grown at a decent height and even if they are not evergreen, the bare branches will screen the offending item to some extent. 

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  • I have just planted a Thuja Plicata hedge. It seems it can be kept very narrow and growth rate is quick. 

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    But will still take a number of years to get to the 2.5-3m height the OP requires............

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