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Climber (or similar) for near front door



  • Sorry for my absence! These are all wonderful ideas. Thank you all VERY much.

    I haven't seen anything that has sprung out at me to be able to post suggestions unfortunately.

    I think scent would be a nice thing to have. But as we have a toddler, we don't tend to go out often at night so daytime scent would be perfect.

    A lot of houses around here have wisteria but all on the opposite side of the road which concerns me.... Would there be enough sun on my side if they are all doing really well on the other side?

    As its quite a small space out front I guess no obelisk? A trellis makes more sense.

    Hmmm what time of year to flower... Good question... Again as such a small space, it would be nice to have something that holds interest for quite some time. Flowers at one point, changing leaves at another (but then I don't want leaves to drop off... which I'm assuming all green leaves that turn red do?)

    As you can see, I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to non-edibles...

    Trachelospermum Jasminoides does sound good actually (can this go in a pot if I need to?) Also open to other suggestions just incase!

    Thanks so much again and I hope some of the above helps.

  • That said... this is quite exciting:

    And these are lovely, some kind of rose

    has this been done with hanging baskets?

    I like this way this is more horizontal, how would i acheive this across the small width of our house?

    his appears to be two plants? Which are these? A clemstis

    many thanks


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