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Neglected rose bush



hi folks, I’m hoping to get advice please. This rose bush has obviously been neglected and I’ve just dug it up and moved it. I am unsure what to do next?!

Should I prune it now? Or later? What bits should I prune and by how much please? 

Also it didn’t have support, so I am assuming I don’t need to give it a bamboo cane or trellis to grow up? 

I am afraid I have no Idea as to the type of rose it is. Many thanks 


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,699

    There are two things you could do. Re-plant into the ground in the chosen spot, but preferably in a sunny spot. Or leave in a pot and give it some support, maybe against a wall or similar. Since you are not entirely sure whether this rose will climb or has a shrubby habit, the second option may be best. I recommend you prune off the two left stems down by half. Text books will say just above a bud, but no need to get too technical, the pruning should stimulate new growth. The soil looks quite rich, but in the growing season, you may need to give it a second feed in summer, espcially when you grow in pots.

  • There's a good bit of dead growth on there #haven't.a.clue--all the bits that are a sort of orangey-brown. Come February or March I'd cut that out. 

    Most roses can do a bit of limited climbing with their backs to a wall, but it looks as if yours has been living life as a shrub up to now. If you want to keep it that way, I'd recommend cutting the remaining, living stems back to about 6 inches above the union with the lower stem in Feb or March. Give it a good feed with a timed-release fertiliser. Ideally choose one low in nitrogen and high in potash. They make special rose ones but anything for flowering or fruiting plants will do. 

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