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Hi Everyone

Had a Camilla for about 6 years. Planted in the ground not a pot. Clay soil but add camella suitable compost each year.   Flowered no problems.  This time the leaves are yellow.

What is the problem?  What can i do to improve the health of the plant?

Any help will be great dont want it to die on me.



  • We have large camellia bushes - some are tree size and we also have yellow leaves from time to time.  I will be interested to see if anything is recommended on here, although none of our camellias have died (yet).

  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,699

    Generally, there are two types of yellow leaves on Camellias. Ones where the entire leaf turns bright yellow on a few leaves, but other leaves are green, or the general bush has pale green to yellow leaves. Without seeing a picture, it's hard to say what yellow leaves you have.

    If your leaves are dull and pale green to yellow, they will need more feeding, and there are plenty of products specific to acid loving plants. Sometimes, prolonged excess dampness in the soil can also make the shrub suffer,  so look into the drainage surrounding your shrub since you mentioned clay soil. The odd yellow leaf here and there is normal and as the shrub matures, some will be growing older and they are dying off. This is just part of  the life cycle of an evergreen shrub.

  • That's interesting Borderline. For us it is just the odd leaf that is yellow - the same has happened on our evergreen Bay tree, so I am not worried about the health of the camellias.

    Which category does your camellia fall into Gardenqueen?

  • Hi 

    The leaves turning yellow could be a number of things 

    Is the plant in more sunlight than shade as it performs better in a shady to part shade aspect 

    The soil could be badly waterlogged as this will effect the roots and foliage 

    The soil is not acidic enought. In that case apply a ericaceous foliar feed to the base and the foliage to give it a boost. If this does not improve it then It may also be helpful, if the yellowing to the foliage persist, is to dig in a large amount of ericaceous compost around the plant to improve the acidic level 

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