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Help me redesign this garden!



  • Kitty 2Kitty 2 Posts: 5,150

    Hi Paul. Regarding the latest set of pics for ID...

    No clue on the 4 by the fence, another pic when it has some leaves will be better.

    Next one looks like a straggly conifer, I'd get rid of that one, others may disagree.

    Think Borderline might be right with lonicera nitida for the tall shrub in the last pic of that set. The small variegated clump below it might be ivy??? Difficult to see the leaf shapes in detail.

    Next set: Agree the big green ones are viburnum tinus.

    A clear close up of the seed heads on the middle pic might help with an ID, or post again when it has some leaves.  Giving a random guess, I'd say spirea for that one... I'm probably wrong ?.

    Being cheeky (as I am) image.  Top tip for multiple ID pics to come.  Stick a number/letter at the top of each photo. A 123 or ABC helps us, and you, know which pic we're referring to image.

    Look forward to seeing your progress in your new plot.

      Happy gardening ??.

  • I'd agree with Kitty on the one with seed heads as Spirea, there are several with that form so you will need to wait for the flowers for a better ID.
    I think the variegated one may be a Euonymus. Again there are a number of similar varieties, but all useful plants.

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