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sowing seeds

lilly1lilly1 Posts: 1

When is the best time to sow seeds in the gh.II bubble wrapped my gh but i get condensation should i use a parrifin heater as well.image



  • PosyPosy Posts: 3,601

    Depends what seeds you want to sow. Look at the instructions on the packets for detailed information.

  • PurplerainPurplerain Posts: 1,053

    It is early yet. Most seeds need light as well as heat. Up here in the North, I start a few things on a heated Propagator like Verbena and Antirrinhinum indoors, but the rest come later, like March.

    On another note, the corms and tubers are on sale now and you will get your pick of the best Begonias and Dahlias at the Garden Centres in paper bags. They should not see the light of day until at least March, but your greenhouse will come into it’s own then. By this time nature takes over and you should not need a paraffin heater or bubblewrap and your seeds will be jumping for joy.

    SW Scotland
  • Advise please.never had much success growing from seedifferent. I have a small walled town garden a shed with windows along one side.South East ghost sadly.I had some cornflower sends for Christmas in a small planter (coir).placed on kitchen sill.Grew to 1 inch tall so pricked them out and placed them in plug planter.some have wilted despite gentle watering some stems looking thin and bending.I only pricked half just on case.what am I doing wrong.only 1 set of leaves at present.I am an amacute as you may have guessed.

  • Just jumping into this thread as purplerain mentioned buying corms from the gc, I bought 25 gladioli corms at the weekend, they were on offer for £2, and while I will keep them in their paper bag in the dark until March at the earliest, I just wondered if they will need soaking overnight when the time comes to plant them?

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