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When does a Bog Garden become a Pond?

biofreakbiofreak Posts: 1,032

Many of you recommended excellent Bog Garden plant choices last Autumn when I queried what to grow in the soggy section of our new garden - Having now covered a further 3mths, and whilst I know that we have had excessive rain, this Bog Area is now definately fit to become a shallow pond (I do not want to make it deeper) -Can Bog Plants still be used or am I wiser to go for Marginal PLanting with roots occasionally in up to 6inches of water -If 'yes' what could I grow here, and more importantly what shouldn't I grow that might get oxygen starved roots (I have already lost the candleabra primevera. All suggestions welcome!


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  • biofreakbiofreak Posts: 1,032

    Thanks for Info -This Bog Garden shows no sign of drying out -Think it may be an underground Spring. Is there a Bulrush that would work -Don't mind invasive.

  • Yes, my bog garden becomes distinctly pond like at times. 

    I have put my gunnera in a pot and partially submerged the pot in the sodden ground which helps regulate the amount of water its roots lie in to some extent. Gunnera can handle very wet soil, but don't do well when totally submerged. My purple loosestrife are fine even in pond-like conditions, yellow loosestrife less so. Water mint goes well with purple loosestrife as does water forget-me-not and both are fine as bog plants or marginals.. I've used a variety of pond reeds even though its not technically a pond. Arum lillies and marsh marigolds would also be fine. 


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,145

    Beware bulrush and yellow flag/iris pseudacorus as they will terraform your bog the minute you turn your back and are the very devil to tame.  We called in a mini digger for our pond which was completely clogged..

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  • biofreakbiofreak Posts: 1,032

    Yes I have noticed alot of forget me nots in this patch. Gunnera lovs it and growing well. What is Purple Loosestrifes Nursery Name so I can look out for it at the Garden Fairs? Have Flag Iris already as they grow everywhere here. Have started an Iris border along drive on dry side so one can view both all year round as bog garden opposite. Aquelegia is now sprouting in bog garden -should I leave it or move it to somewhere dryer. Lost alchemilla Mollis plus Candleabra Primulas. which was a shame.Just thought it was a shady damp patch initially. Typha Minima sounds really good as I want some height. Hydrangea fine until it got really wet, so have pulled its pot to one side, and will place it back in Summer.

  • TreePoppyTreePoppy Posts: 17

    Day Lillies (hemrocallis) will be perfect- surprisingly.

    I had left a bucket with water in to stand plants in to soak before planting last autumn, and what should be growing out of it last week but a Day Lily,  I had forgotton to take the pot out of the bucket, and over winter the bucket had filled with water and totally submerged the plant.  So it will have also been frozen over several times too!

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