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Why has my Perennial Lobelia rotted?

CraighBCraighB Posts: 738

Hi all,

I have a perennial lobelia in a pot and I have been overwintering it in a pvc greenhouse. At the start of winter not long after I cut the stems back I noticed one of the stems rocked and when I pulled it, it broke off from the crown and it was all soft at the base.

A couple of months later I have just been out to check on it and the few remaining leaves have drooped and so I pulled on those and more of the stems came away and were very soft and mushy at the bottom. It seemed to be pulling up chunks of the crown and roots with it! There was also some furry white stuff around the base.

I assume it's rotting but how would this have happened? I kept the compost on the dryer side and it has had good ventilation as I open the greenhouse door during the daytime.


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