Can you identify please?

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Hi all

We have this small tree /shrub in the garden and its in area earmarked for another project so we would like to move it, but we don't know whether it's a good time as it has just started to bud up.

Hopefully someone on here can advise !!! Thanks



  • Hi

    It appears to be a Magnolia, however I might be wrong. If it is it will flower in spring. If you were to move it you would do this in late autumn when it is dormant. With any shrub or small tree I would water in well before moving so the shock effect when moved is not too bad Also, prepare the hole it is going to be resited too first before removing it from its present position as the quicker it goes back in to the ground would be better for it 

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    Thanks for the information, it does flower in spring, I do have a closer pic of the buds but for some reason it won't add that pic to the original post of even this reply 

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    Try reducing the size of the pic ... That usually works image

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