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Are you the only gardner on your street?

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  • PurplerainPurplerain Posts: 1,053

    Not really. I live next door to a “prize gardener”. That is hard to live with. His gardens are empty until June when he plants out Begonia in regimented rows, and the cordon salmon pink, white and lilac sweetpeas make their appearance.

    I always like to have a go at Sweetpeas, but I hide them due to his sniggering ?

    I would say most of my neighbours “keep things tidy”, but the nicest thing I ever heard was when my other neighbours lawn cutter saw my garden and said ”my goodness, a proper garden”

    SW Scotland
  • Joyce21Joyce21 Posts: 15,489

    All gardeners round me except next door....decking and gravel at the back and gravel at the front. At least it's tidy.

    SW Scotland
  • raisingirlraisingirl Posts: 6,907

    I only have two neighbours, one who gardens and one who doesn't. It's great - I get to swap plants with the gardener and the other one is always grateful for surplus veg because she has none of her own.

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  • BiljeBilje Posts: 754

    I find myself a gardener surrounded by non gardeners. A very elderly neighbour on one side with a garden covered in chipping, no one looks after it. Weeds have grown through and bindweed thrives as it advances through my beech hedge. The old ladys other boundary has a 20 feet highrogue conifer hedge.

    my neighbours on my other side are a lovely younger couple 50s, not gardeners at all. Have two dogs, their garden is gravelled. What plants they inherited are clipped into lollipops. 

    The street is all bungalows, other folk do have some plants but not gardens. 

    Ours is country garden combined with prairie haha it does it's own thing, a battle between my enthusiasm and Mother Nature..

    Folk passing by do admire it and and I'm happy to to pass on spare plants, ever hopeful of converts.

  • B3B3 Posts: 26,530

    Mostly Zen car parks out the front. The thing is, there was never a street parking problem.

    Out the back, mostly lawns. Why do people think lawns are low maintenance??

    In London. Keen but lazy.
  • josusa47josusa47 Posts: 3,530

    My neighbours to left and right take good care of their gardens, but I'm the only one who grows edibles. 

    The house that backs on to mine is divided into two flats.  Mike who lives on the ground floor has the front garden and pays a gardener to tend it, so it looks ok.  The back garden is partitioned and while Mike's half isn't cultivated, neither does he let it get overgrown.  

    The family that lives above him collect dead cars in their half, four at the last count, plus one they use.  The small space not occupied by cars is thigh deep in bindweed, which they share with me most generously.  I try not to repay them in ivy and jasmine. Last year I asked permission to pull the bindweed away from the fence, which they readily granted, but it grew back in no time.  They have given me carte blanche to go round there any time if I want to deal with the weeds, so I might go and clear as much as I can before it starts to grow again in the spring, and then see if I can keep it under control.

    There are five pavement trees in our quiet little street, and my neighbours and I have planted little flower gardens around them just for fun. I'll post some pics later in the year.

  • Mary370Mary370 Posts: 2,003

    I am a lonesome gardener too. door kills everything back and front  in early summer.   Other neighbours have hedging and some shrubs.  A few neighbours have begun planting sunflowers which I am quite pleased about. they enjoyed watching mine grow.  Several neighbours have asked to  call in to see my back garden which causes me both embarrassment and pride.  I think that there are a lot less gardeners than when I was growing up. 

  • I think people try to keep things tidy, but the gardens round here are thin layer of topsoil on hardcore so I can’t blame people for only having lawns, only hobby gardener Is a retired chap at the other end of the street. I did discover something the other day but the geography needs explaining.

    long rambling explanation:

    I live on the corner house, when the boundaries went up my front garden got given half of next door’s garden to compensate for a huge bank of rubble. This means my small back garden is in a triangle shape. I am only responsable for the boundry at the front of my house. Last year my only neighbours put in new fencing, tore down a 30 year old beech hedge that didn’t belong to them at 6am, and couldn’t be bothered to take one of the old fence posts out so gave me a foot of their garden instead. This means there is now a foot gap between my house and a House two doors down on a different street. 

    Short version:

    I had a conversation with the landlord of the house two doors down between our new gap the other day and he’s a landscape gardener. 

    It can be quite lonely, my other half of a sitcom odd couple best friend loves going shopping with me because he’s genuinely interested in learning, but I’m still finding out what works in my own garden and it would be nice to share plants and experiences.  

  • My neighbours on the one side gave a lovely garden. Well landscapes with a large pond, shrubbery and perennial boarders including a veg plot 

    The other neighbours has no interest in gardening and he looks at mine and asked "who did your garden" and "how much did it cost to get it that way" 

    Apart from me and the neighbour there is only one other who seems to be a gardener. He is in his late 80 but come spring hes on his knees de-weeding his boarders and pruning shrubs. But I am the only one who gives them free plants from division, layering of cuttings but happy to see my plants go to someone who appreciates  them 

  • I have recently moved and it looks like I'm going to be th only gardener in the street.I've inherited a garden that someone once loved but now badly neglected.Next door just have a muddy/grassy patch for their dogs to run round,and the other side has a pile of builders rubble! I don't garden,small and steep though it is,will be full of plants come summer! I used to supply my Dad,who gardened till he died aged 90,  and all my friends with plants grown in my greenhouse.It saved a fortune! However I don't have a greenhouse now,so am getting some perennials started on my kitchen window.

    Good luck with your garden Steve

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