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Terrace side pot design

I have a big terrace surrounded by pots as seen in the photo. Total length of the pot is around 15m. I am considering planting begonias this year from tubers.

- how many tubers will I need to have a good coverage

- when should I plant them, should I grow them a bit inside first? I live in London

-  I can water them regularly but I cannot reach all the pots regularly. Is there going to be a problem to maintain?what type of begonias will  keep flowering for longer and not too difficult to maintain in such pots




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    Adam que, if you can't reach to certain areas on the overhanging  pots, I don't think it is a good idea to grow Begonias. They usually need watering and also need some degree of shade. If your terrace is very exposed and in sun for long periods, they may suffer. Try to go for sun loving plants and plants that prefer drier conditions.

    But generally, tubers can be started off in spring time where you would lay it into some sandy compost, part buried and you wait till they show signs of leaf, then re-planted a bit more deeper into final destination. I suggest around 15-20cm apart if you have a long row.

  • thanks 

    I have a watering pipe passing through the pot so watering is not a problem, but if I need to prune or remove dead flowers every 2-3 weeks it will be difficult since I need to setup a 4m ladder to reach most of the pots on the side of the terrace 

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    I'm not entirely sure of your set-up. The photo looks like your planters are on the outer side of your terrace? Could be wrong, but if dead-heading is not going to be easily accessible to you, maybe try Calibrachoa, sometimes called Million Bells.

    They come in single and also double form, and the double forms are quite similar to Begonias. They produce so many blooms that they just drop away and new ones are formed, therefore you never need to pinch or dead-head. That could be another alternative.

  • Yes planters are outside. I cannot deadhead regularly maybe once a month only

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    Adam que, deadheading once a month is fine, but sounds very labour intensive just to deadhead. I think you should look into Calibrachoa instead. I think you will find them far less maintenance for a similar look. But, it is up to you.

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