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Help with a 'living wall'

imageimageimageHi, I have a visible crib lock wall.  I've planted some climbers in troughs to make it a green / living wall. They were climbers I had already - a jasmine, a passionflower and (Ithink) a clematis.  They've done well till now despite it being a fairly shady spot, but now the jasmine and the clematis are looking a bit dead.  I assume this is because they're not evergreen and the cold has finally got to them .. but am wondering if this is the case and whether there's anything you'd recommend to keep a green view. Are the troughs going to be gig enough? Should I swap for entirely evergreen climbers?  If so, what would you gardeners recommend?  Or, should I just plant a small shrub as well?

Thanks in advance! Am feeling clueless.

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    Did you keep the labels for the Jasmine and Clematis? There are many types of Jasmines and some are not fully hardy. Even the hardy Jasmines will lose some leaves in the winter time. Your plants are very young so will not have formed a matted mass of branches/leaves. Clematis, again, different types of climbers will mean some need pruning back from now to spring, whilst others can be left alone.

    Generally, most climbers will need to be planted into much deeper/larger sized pots. Do you know which way that wall faces? Shade can come from buildings and it looks like the wall is very close to your property so your wall may be shaded for long periods at certain times of the year.

    Star Jasmine, Trachelospermum Jasminoides can do well in your situation. Scented white flowers and evergreen foliage. Must have a nice big container to allow it to settle in.

  • Thank you! That's all good advice and yes, the (south facing) wall is very close to the house which does mean a lot of shade.  

    I'll see if I can find the labels for the climbers. We moved recently and I brought them with me from the old house (no money left for new plants!) where they had been in pots also.

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