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Replanting cistus and spartium

We have a steep, stony bank that we planted ten years ago with cistus, spartium, cytisus etc.  It has been lovely but many of the bushes are now past their best and need to be replaced.  Digging new planting holes is very hard work (needs a pick-axe rather than a spade!) so I would like to replant in the same holes that the old plants are going to be removed from.  I have plenty of garden compost that I can use to fill the holes and give the new plants a good start.

Is this going to be OK, or is there any problem with re-planting the same shrub in the same spot (as with roses)?


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,687

    There are no issues with using the same spot to plant something else. I have done this many times. Just make sure the soil you have doesn't vary too much with the surrounding soil type. The plant could sink and drown in a pool of wet if not worked over properly. Try to dig as wide as well as deep and mix the original soil with new compost so the roots can grow out properly.

    With roses, that is also not always true. I have planted a rose in a spot where another rose grew and there was no issue. It establish well like all my other roses. I guess it's different soils and how the roots of certain plants interact. I have never tried it, but many shops now sell mychorrhizal fungi to help aid the plant's roots, helping it to establish and take to the soil surroundings. You could look into that if you are concerned.

  • Rosie31Rosie31 Posts: 483

    Thanks, Borderline!


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