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Who's print?

Hi all,

Can anyone identify these footprints? They are in an almost 

straight line & look bizarre. Fox seems to be the favourite, but I'm not sure.




  • raisingirlraisingirl Posts: 6,651

    Didn't see this before image, It's hard to tell how far apart they are - it could be a deer - they tend to walk very straight with their back feet stepping in their front feet tracks, but are normally very small deeper prints rather than those which look like a larger spread paw rather than a hoof? Fox usually leave a print like a dog where you can see the separate paw pads.

    I wonder if the tracks were made earlier during the snow fall and the prints then became a bit obscured by more snow falling in to them making it harder to be sure what made them

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  • gsdfandfgsdfandf Posts: 103

    I doubt if it's deer, we aren't rural enough. Fox is the favourite, never thought to measure the print distance. It could have been recceing for an assault on the peanut feeder. image We have seen a fox in the garden before, but being summer, no prints left to compare with the snow prints.

  • gsdfandfgsdfandf Posts: 103

    Methinks we all agree, Freddie the fox is favourite.

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