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Is Pine/Redwood OK For Raised Beds?? Please help.

I'm trying to build my wife a wooden raised bed for the garden, I've just taken delivery of some 4cm think Redwood* planks. I picked these because the man in the timber shop said they would be good for raised bed, but now that I have them in front of me they seem like they'd be soft and inadequate for raised beds. I'm hoping that you're going to say it's fine and I just need to add a good protective layer, but I'm new to all this and don't want something which will rot within a month.

* They're labelled as Redwood, but I believe that Pine is the same thing, they certainly look like Pine.

Thank you everyone!!


  • Pine is a softwood but it has natural resins in it which will help. I would protect the wood with a good preservative & it may help to line the side with plastic or membrane. If you are worried about structural strength especially of the long sides then add 2-3 vertical " ribs" of say 2x1 battens on the inside.

    AB Still learning

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