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Pothos dying! Pls help

ToyaToya Posts: 1

imageI live in new york where it is winters rn. My pothos is having a really hard time. I water it once every five-ten days. My other pothos that recieves about the same amount of light is doing just fine, so a little confused


  • treehugger80treehugger80 Posts: 1,923

    looks over watered to me, if you let it drain it might come back,if not you could take cuttings from the least wilted bits.

    however has it been near any windows? i know you've had some very cold weather over there recently and it may have been 'frosted' inside if its close to a window.

    in the UK (where this forum is based) we have grubs that can live in soil and eat the roots of plants called vine weevils, i have no idea if you get them in USA however, but you might have something similar?

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