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please identify this shrub

TadsTads Posts: 210


May I ask another member if they would kindly identify this shrub, & any tips on the type of care required? “Thankyou” Tads x 


  • Agree its dogwood. And lots of it!

  • Looks like a dogwood thicket. If so, most likely Cornus alba 'Sibirica', & does especially well in slightly damp conditions. 
    Care: you can cut all growth down to within a few of the lowest buds (=as low as you dare!), just as you see it start to produce new leaves (Feb-April depending on your location).
    Or (as it looks like a thicket that hasn't been pruned recently), do that to 1/3rd of the stems of each plant & repeat annually to the oldest stems till it's all growing to your preferred height - the bright red growth is what grew during 2017, so that gives you an idea of its capabilities for this year.

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