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Growing perennials from seed

moandtomoandto Posts: 15

In the years past I have bought plug plants, potted them on when they arrived and then when ready planted them out into the garden.

Prices have now risen like everything else and now is the time to by seed a fraction of the cost of plug plants.

I like Perennials in my Garden which attract Wildlife, I love to see the Bees and Butterflies doing what they do best.Bliss!!

I have purchased Foxglove Lupins and Delphiniums and intend to plant the seed into individual seed pots or trays and place into a Grow House which has a plastic cover and is in an unheated Garage. I don't have a Greenhouse or Cold Frame.

I would very much love your advice on growing Perennials from seed thank you

Wishing all a very Happy growing 2018


  • punkdocpunkdoc Posts: 14,361

    Before going any further, you need to consider whether there will be enough light in your garage, to germinate and care for seedlings, which I think is unlikely.

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  • PurplerainPurplerain Posts: 1,053

    I grow all three, but never start any of them off until mid Summer. They are then potted on and overwintered in a North facing porch, where they die down and put on strong roots.

    I plant the foxgloves out in the Spring, but never expect flowers until the Spring after that, and I cut off the Lupin and Delphinium flowers keeping them potted up for the next year.

    The year after that everything is planted out and gives a wonderful display. They are now strong enough to avoid greenfly and slug attacks although it is still wise to use precautions.

    This is why purchased plants are expensive, but having a conveyor belt system with seeds works well if you give yourself a two year margin. You shouldn’t need to pay over the odds for the plants you love ever again.

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  • You need to start them off on a windowsill, they need the heat to kick start germination. I use my windowsills like they are a heated greenhouse. They will be fine on there till they start to outgrow the trays and by that time it will be warm enough to pot them on and put in your grow house, which should be outside. 

  • NewGrowNewGrow Posts: 17

    I actually have similar question though I have a unheated greenhouse - whilst its 6 degrees outside today with strong winds where I am (south London), the sun is shinning and temperature inside greenhouse is showing 14 degrees Celsius.

    I bought around 10 different varieties of perennial seeds last week in view of having sustainable flowering plants rather than buying loads of plug plants etc. to save money for years to come.

    Most of the seed packets say sow them inside in March / April but on the other hand I've spotted plug plants of some of those same varieties being sold in local Garden center which makes me think if its OK to sow them in my greenhouse to enjoy early flowering etc. ?

    Or is it too much hassle to grow them inside first and then plant them in borders etc. rather than sowing when its bit warmer directly in the beds?


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  • NewGrowNewGrow Posts: 17

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  • Mark56Mark56 Posts: 1,653

    The main problem is a lack of adequate light, you will get weaker leggy growth in conditions like these on a windowsill than if you start in March/April. Same with annuals. 

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