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Attracting birds high up


We live on the 19th floor with a 'french balcony' (doors opening up to a balcony fence but no actual balcony) and we enjoy watching birds. We know we probably won't attract many birds, if any, at this height. Nevertheless we'd like to try and see if we can get some up here.

I bought a balcony box in which I plan to plant some plants which attract birds (through their berries, seeds or the insects they attract). Maybe we need self-pollinating plants because not many bees might make it up here.

The space in the balcony box is limited. We plan to attach some type of small bird feeder to the box.

Does anyone have any ideas which types of plants would help us attract birds? Preferably something low maintenance and nice to look at.

Thanks a lot!


  • ObelixxObelixx Vendée, Western FrancePosts: 28,544

    I'd just try feeders first - peanuts, fat balls and so on that you can hang from the balcony fence.


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  • If you are lucky you might get a peregrine by attracting pigeons with corn, but more likely you'll just get the pigeons. Is that really what you want?image

    Try watching with binocs for a while to see if you can identify any birds flying at your level. Small birds need cover as well as a suitable and ample food supply and you will only attract those that are aware of what is on offer. City high rise buildings are more like a cliffscape and attract birds that can cope in that habitat.

  • Thanks for the input!

    I used to live in the same building on the 15th floor (before I moved into a bigger flat together with my girlfriend) and indeed we did see a peregrine falcon on a high rise building opposite ours. That was awesome. I also once had a small bird sitting on the balcony fence, it went away too quickly for me to see what it was but I'm guessing a robin or a sparrow or something like that. That's why I've got some small hopes that we might see it again. We live next to a park.

    I bought the balcony box anyway because we wanted some plants, I just thought I might as well combine it with the bird feeder to make it as hospitable to birds as possible.

    So anyone suggestions for plants? They also need to be able to endure the winds up here. If they attract birds that is just an extra. Just like pretty and low maintenance.


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