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Trees to screen busy road


My House is situated on a fairly busy A road and I'm keen to try and screen the top floor of the house.  At the moment there is a six foot fence which screens the lower floor but I was thinking of planting some trees to screen the bedrooms a little.

I was thinking of pleached trees or something similar but there is only a gap of about 5metres from the boundary to the house so was wondering if anyone knows of some suitable trees that we could use.

I'm not keen on bamboo as I'm currently fighting to control some planted at the back of the house! 

Many suggestions would be greatly received.



  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700

    There are many shrubs that respond well to pleaching/shaping to the way you want. Both Hornbeam and Beech hold their leaves well in the winter time so are classic candidates for the job you want.  I like Cotoneaster Lacteus and Franchetii, and think they'll do a great job of what you need. Formal shaping or loose form, but they all need pruning and shaping carefully. Cotoneaster Cornubia is probably more graceful in a tree form if you have the space. 

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