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Shallow veg patch

Hi, could do with some general tips on how to manage a shallow (1ft) veg trough, that sits on top of a concrete base. Essentially just four railway sleepers that make a square-shaped trough of about 2m squared. I am just beginning to think about starting to grow, haven’t got soil yet or anything. I realise we won’t be able to grow anything that needs deep roots! Also I have a specific question: can I line the bottom of my veg patch with carpet? Reason is we get a lot of big fat weeds growing up through the concrete and the carpet discourages this... but would it also hinder the veg in any way? Thank you - from a complete beginner :)


  • raisingirlraisingirl East Devon, on the Edge of Exmoor.Posts: 4,694

    Carpet - can't see why not. Chose your carpet carefully though so you don't get weird chemicals leeching into the soil or a soggy waterlogged reservoir of thick pile carpet holding water.

    Is it 2m x 2m (i.e. 2m squared), or 2m x 1m (so 2m2 area)?

    You can grow most salads - radish, lettuce, that sort of thing. Short round carrots maybe - as long as it's got good drainage and the compost isn't too rich. Chard will probably grow there, chives certainly. Strawberries. Anything that is advertised as suitable for growing in a pot, pretty much.

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