Hi, just planting up a new herbaceous border and wondered if anyone knew or had any diorama corms/bulbs as to buy a plant is very expensive and I thought this may be a cheaper way to get them at the edge of the border, which is going to be quite large.    The average price of a small pot if around £7.00 here in cornwall and wondered if someone could direct me to a site which sold corms or if anyone has a large plant which they would split and sell to me, I would of course pay the postage, I would be over the moon.


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    Lots of seeds on Ebay  cheaper but you'll have to be patient.  

    I think £7 is quite a reasonable price ... it takes time to get a plant to flowering size.


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    I read they can take 7 years to flower from seed. No idea if it's true but it put me off collecting seeds.

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    could be true hosta. I germinated some seed but progress after that was very slow. I chucked them in year 3, still tiny

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    Nut, I'm guessing it explains the cost of plants. It's the time you're paying for, not the size of the plant.

    Jominers, If you want to wait until they set seed this year, I'll send you some of mine.

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    Mine flowered after about three years, in a modest way. I don't think you will be able to buy corms because they don't like being dug up. When you grow them from seed you can minimise the disturbance but even then you have to take great care.

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    I have some seeds saved from last year's flowers.  If you decide to go down this option I'd be happy to send them to you

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    Paddock plants have some for £5 in 2 litre pots if that helps. I've read else where about growing from seed can take a while to get to flowering stage.

  • Hello thank you all for your replies.   I think from all the comments that even if I had seed it would take years to get to a good size and I thank you all for your offers of seed.    Had a look at Paddock plants but the delivery charge is £10.00 and we are down in cornwall so unless I was to put a big order in to make the delivery charge worthwhile I think this is a no goer.   My friend has just phoned to say she knows of someone who has a very large clump of dieramas and she is going to see if he will split this and sell me a clump, here hoping but once again thank you all for the time to reply and the kind offers for seed.


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    If you're in Cornwall I presume you've looked at the Burncoose website ... they have lots and you could go and fetch them to save delivery charges ... it's an interesting place to visit image

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    No-one knows if you've done your housework, but everyone knows if you've done your gardening !
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